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New Work


Chemistry,36 x 48 Metallic paint and Acrylic on Panel by Jack Knight, Painter Painting


by Jack Knight

Metallic paint and Acrylic on Panel
36" x 48"

Comissioned by
Ron Cooper
Ron Cooper Associates

In honor of his daughter receiving her Masters in Education.
She will now be leaving the FBI to pursue a career in teaching

Palette Table

Palette Table Painted by Jack Knight
This table was a throw away. I wanted a display table for my art classes so I thought this was a good solution.
I repainted the base in metallic colors then hit it with a color shift sot the color is different from different angles. The top is the same with a pearl white then sprayed it with a color shift and after that I added the paint dabs which are just acrylic paints. I coated it out with Epoxy for shine and durability.

At some point in the near future I will add a paint rag (soaked in resin) but it is fine now to hold my promotional materials