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Jack Knight

Illustration • Artwork • Graphics

Train Station, painting by Jack KnightI am a freelance artist/illustrator living and working in Orange County, Ca. I have always been a painter and delight in the various forms and guises in which that takes, from the traditional painting on canvas and board to various other mediums such as aluminum and other metals, plastics, stone and glass, working with a broad range of paints from acrylics, oils, watercolors to epoxies, automotive and industrial coatings. I am always it seems, experimenting with and exploring new forms and styles.

Always fascinated by the play of chrome and metal and the allure of rolling thunder as a sculptural form, in the early 1980s I began producing art and illustrations of Motorcycles and of the Biker Lifestyle. Along this vein I created artwork, illustrations and centerfold spreads for publications including Big Bike, Supercycle, Biker, and Easyriders. I also created a wide range of other types of work for numerous other magazines and publications, among them Hustler, Playboy, Penthouse and various trade publications.

While I am quite well known in the motorcycle field my work was by no means limited in content, nor form or style to only that field.
I have owned and operated Art for Architecture in Huntington Beach for over 25 years providing art, graphics, renderings and murals to a broad range of architectural clients.

I have also worked on styling and illustrating a number of children’s books and participated in many art and gallery shows.

Clients have included:


Seagrams, TGO consulting, Pepsico, Frito Lays, Jack Daniels, Canada Dry, Budwiser, 888/, Nostaliga Motorcycle Company, Supereagle Motorcycle parts, Sacramento V-Twin, Pet Smart, Rcooper & Associates, Eveloper, Jet, RallyFace, Streits, Elite Chocolates, Paul Oxman Publishing (American Honda and Harley Davidson licensed products)


Orange Coast, Supercycle, Easyrider, Biker Lifestyle, Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and numerous trade and techinal publications.

Book publishers

Atara Publishing, GPG Publishing, Pitspopony, Inc.

Real Estate Developers

Stuart Makler & Associates, Simon Development Group, General Growth, Dragon Construction.


Steve Iorio


Nostalgia Motorcycle Company
Supereagle Motorcyle Company
Huntington Beach, CA.

Orgad Gratch


TGO Consulting
Toronto, CANADA

Rabbi Newman


The Hebrew Academy
Huntington Beach, CA

John Norton

Senior Vice President

Commercial Real Estate
Las Vegas, NV

Stuart Makler


Stuart Makler and Associates
Huntington Beach, CA



Atara Publishing
RMG Creative
Toronto/Los Angeles/Atlanta